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New Powerful Portable Mini Heater Turns Any Cold Space Into A Warm & Toasty Place!



Clever little personal heater has sold over 2 MILLION units and the first time you try it, you’ll understand why it’s so popular!

Winter is here! As usual, old-man-winter arrived with a bang! And plummeting temperatures means my electric bill is already skyrocketing.

I mean, let’s face it, it’s hard to do anything when you’re shivering uncontrollably because you’re freezing your tuckus off, right? 

The only thing I’m thinking of is how to get warm and stay warm. 

So naturally, I crank up the heater and viola, problem solved. 

Of course, the problem is, when I crank up the heater I’m also cranking up my electric bill.

Because if I want to heat up my little 12’ X 12’ office (which is 144sqft) then I have to heat up the other 1400+ sqft too. And heating up an entire house instead of a single space takes a whole lot more energy and a whole lot more money.

Fortunately, I discovered the perfect little heater that can quickly and easily turn my cold frigid office into a warm cozy cave at a fraction of a fraction of the cost of turning my home heater on!

What Is It?

It’s called Handy Heater and what sets it apart from other space heaters is that it has NO FOOTPRINT. I just plug it into my outlet like a nightlight and it’s out of the way while heating up my entire office for just pennies a day!

I now have one in my bathroom, garage, washroom and breakfast nook and they keep those spaces warm and toasty. The one in my garage keeps my workspace impressively warm even though the garage is much bigger than 250sqft.

Don’t get me wrong, I still use my home heater, but not nearly as much. And it’s already paying off big time!

After the first month using Handy Heaters in the rooms throughout my house and garage, I’ve personally cut my electric bill by over 30%! 

What Makes It So Great?

The thing I love about my Handy Heaters is how fast they work. I’m not kidding when I say you can instantly feel the heat when you turn it on. That’s because even though Handy Heater is so small and compact, it uses a thermo-ceramic design that packs the power of those large bulky space heaters.

In fact, it’s so powerful, one Handy Heater can thoroughly heat a room as large as 250 sqft – for reference, that’s bigger than a 20’X12’ room. 

Even better, the tiny out-of-the-way Handy Heater uses 100X less energy than those large, can-easily-trip-over- and-burn-yourself, space heaters.

Forget those dangerously hot metal coil space heaters, Handy Heater warms up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s plenty hot to keep me warm in my garage when I’m doing my wood-working out there in the cold Carolina evenings.

And Handy Heaters are so easy to use. I’ve never understood why some of those space heaters make you feel like you have to be a rocket scientist just to turn them on and off, adjust the temp or set a timer. But theHandy Heater buttons are big and obvious; on/off, 2-speed fan, and adjust temp. It doesn’t get any easier!

Plus, it has a 12-hour programmable timer so you can have set to turn on right before you wake up! Nothing worse than a cold floor in a cold bathroom on a cold winter morning – not anymore thanks to Handy Heater!

Keep Any Room Warm And Toasty!

Dorm RoomsDens
Office (home or away)Work
Reading NooksCampers
Work SpacesBasements
Living RoomBathroom
Mud RoomAnd MORE!

Where You Can Get Yours…

Don’t fall for cheap knockoffs or bigger space heaters that over promise but under deliver (bigger doesn’t equal better in this case – trust me, I’ve been there, done that), if you want a powerful little heater that’ll warm you up FAST for only pennies a day, get Handy Heater from their official website here.

Stay Warm & Toasty In Any Room This Winter!

Listen, I’ve paid more and I’ve paid less for other space heaters, and none of them have warmed me up as fast or efficiently as a Handy Heater – period. 

When you want to warm up the perfect little space just for you WITHOUT blowing up your electric bill, you’re gonna want Handy Heater. I promise, it’s the coziest, convenient little heater I’ve ever used and the first time you use yours, I think you’ll instantly agree.

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