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20 Revolutionary Products To Keep You Safe and Entertained While At Home



Protect yourself and your family from any airborne particles that might cause different sicknesses and illnesses. Personal Protection Equipment sells at a very fast pace especially during this time of crisis. Alcohols, hand sanitizers, face masks, etc. are disappearing almost after they hit the shelves. 

Since it’s important that you and your family have access to these types of protective equipment at home, we gathered some of the most revolutionary innovations in personal protection. This is to keep you informed about the better alternatives available in the market today. 

On the other hand, it’s also agonizing to do nothing in time of isolation. So, to lighten up the mood, we also included some of the cool stuff in the market to entertain you or keep you proactive in the comfort of your own home. So, to cut the chase here are 20 amazing new products to protect you and your family together with the other cool stuff to get you entertained in your home.

1. Superboost – The solution to your slow home Wifi speed. 

Getting stuck at home for long periods of time can be frustrating. This is mostly the case with slow internet speeds. However, the good news is you can get the full benefits of a WiFi speed boost without having to pay your Internet Service Provider more on a monthly basis. 

Superboost extends your WiFi’s range and amplifies its poor signal so you won’t face reception problems anymore. On the other hand, it also blocks any forwarding of consumption data, therefore, preventing any reduction in your WiFi speed. 

2. PlayBeatz – Ultimate Sound Quality InEar Headphones

Playbeats is a revolutionary next-generation Bluetooth headset. The company’s owner has found a way to make the headphones much better and cheaper than other similar devices without compromising sound quality.

PlayBeatz superior technology surpasses anything else in its class. The HD stereo sound quality and reproduction of the stylishly designed headphones are absolutely flawless and far surpasses anything that has been possible before.

3. Fever Patrol – Protect your family against flu viruses by knowing people’s temperature in real-time. 

Fever Patrol is a temperature-sensing device used by the government and health care professionals. However, because of the current global situation, you might have seen this device used in airports, malls, government offices, etc. The fever patrol is a simple device that works like a non-touch thermometer. It’s your first line of defense against fever and flu since you’ll be able to monitor people’s temperature before they get to enter your home.

4. Washzilla – Japanese Invention Saves You Money On Laundry Detergent

Each WashZilla sphere contains hundreds of tiny ceramic pellets, which activate the water to provide improved cleaning power. Although WashZilla will wash even the dirtiest clothes, it is both safe and sustainable and can be reused over and over again.

WashZilla is entirely free of harsh chemicals, and it’s reusable for up to 1000 washes. That’s is good for the environment — and the wallet.

WashZilla makes clothes look, smell, and feel perfectly clean. Unlike traditional detergents, it contains no irritating, perfumed chemicals. And to top it all off, a single WashZilla can be used for years, saving hundreds of dollars. It’s a breakthrough that every household should have.

5NeckRelax – Finally, Real Relief for World Neck Pain Sufferers—Even if Nothing Else Has Worked!

Neck Relax is a state-of-the-art portable neck pain massager. This small device helps to stimulate and relax muscles along your vertical spine – feels better than a massage! This allows you to get fast relief wherever you are.

Neck Relax can be used from the comfort of your own home or office. This cutting edge tech combines ultrasound technology combined with infrared heat and electro stimulation. It’s remarkably effective.

6. Face Masks – Protect Yourself and Your Family with a Certified N95 Face Mask Used by Medical Professionals. 

SafeMask is considered a professional respiratory device. It’s not just a mask that you can buy elsewhere. SafeMask has been certified with the same standard as the world’s leading N95 certification which means it has passed the highest standard for professional masks used by medical professionals. Passing the certification means that the mask can filter over 95% of particles in the air including dust, bacterias, and viruses. 

7. LifeProtectX. The must-have special emergency kit that can save you especially in the worst possible situations. 

LifeProtectX is also known as the 81-in-1 survival kit developed by none other than the Special Forces. It’s dubbed as the gold standard in disaster survival equipment that includes ultra-useful tools you can use in any worst-case scenario. The kit includes a multi-function saber card with a screwdriver, saw blade, car opener, ruler, a butterfly wrench all included in a single highly durable metal sheet. It also comes with a flashlight, a foldable blanket, alcohol wipes, and bandages, wire saw and a survival bracelet made from a strong rope and incorporated with an integrated compass.

7. GermidinPro – These Alcohol-Based Wipes Can Eliminate Almost All Known Sickness Causing Germs, Bacterias, and Viruses. 

GermidinPro is an alcohol-based wipe made from medical-grade sanitation tissue. The wipes can eliminate all kinds of known germs, bacterias and viruses. It’s the best disinfectant agent to clean everyday devices like mobile phones, computer keyboards, books, pens, remote TV controllers, etc. 

 8. Cleanix. This portable UV Light kills germs, bacterias, and viruses. 

Cleanix is the smallest UV light sanitation machine available in the market today. UV light has always been one of the best ways to eliminate germs, bacterias, and viruses. Ever since its discovery in the 1900s, UV light has been used to eliminate these allergens because of its ability to break the interlinking chemical bonds in the molecules of germs and bacterias, therefore, causing them to die instantly. Some of the benefits of using Cleanix UV light are 1. It doesn’t irritate your skin. 2. You won’t need to refill it. 3. You can charge it via USB. 4. You can carry it anywhere and anytime. 5. It’s efficient thereby saving you a lot of time.

9. Smart Sanitizer Pro. A UV light sanitizer to kill germs and viruses on everyday objects.

The Smart Sanitizer Pro is a disinfection device that uses UV light to kill germs, bacterias, and viruses. This is a great device to keep you and your family safe from sickness carrying allergens in everyday objects like your smartphone, doorknobs, remote control, etc. Some of its major benefits are: it’s easy to use, it kills a wide variety of known germs and bacterias, it can be used on clothes, smartphones, remote controls, etc. it’s USB rechargeable, it’s portable. 

10. Breathe Green PURE Air Purifier. Cleans the air in your home without using any chemicals

Indoor pollution can cause allergies. Breathe Green Pure Air Purifier is a new and inexpensive way to purify the air in your home. The product uses science to clean the air in your home naturally by releasing charged negative ions. Just by plugging the device on an electrical socket, the negative ions will clean the air remove all allergens in the air inside your home. 

It can eliminate dust, bacteria, smoke, pollen, germs, and viruses in the air thereby removing sneezing, asthma, and bad smells in the air you breathe. Studies show that negative ions are key in fighting free radicals, it can revitalize cell metabolism, encourage stronger immune system, purifies the blood, promotes better sleep and even good digestion. 

11. Xtra-PC. Run your old computer like new. 

Xtra-PC is a product that lets your old computer run better. It can be accessed using your computer’s USB port. Xtra-PC uses a Linux based operating system that bypasses other operating systems like Windows and IOS. On a side note, Linux OS is used in areas where the internet speed is slow because it can give users full access to any computer’s programs and software. 

The device overwrites your computer’s existing OS, skip some of your files. Scan for viruses, and even check your ISP to get a signal boost which boosts your computer’s overall performance. Why waste your precious time when you’re stuck at home during these trying times if you can be proactive without spending so much on buying a new computer. 

12. Lure Essentials – Glam Facial Cupping. Enjoy the benefits of a gorgeous-glowing skin at the comfort of your home. 

This product comes with a facial massage cupping kit. Cupping was formerly done only in high-end spas and practiced by dermatologists. This is actually an ancient practice believed to improve the blood flow thereby giving you rejuvenated skin. 

This might be the best gift every woman in the house could have especially during this period where they are at home and taking care of the family. The process of cupping is recommended only for five minutes a day and two to three times a week. In just a matter of a week, you can almost see positive results. This product has already been featured in magazines and TV shows like O, the Oprah Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and Rachael Ray. 

13. SenseSleep. The revolutionary pillow that will give you the best sleep you have always longed for. 

This device was designed for individuals who have a hard time getting the best quality of sleep. SenseSleep is not your typical pillow. In fact, it is equipped with sensors that can identify signals in your room to give you the best environment that will help encourage a quiet sleep. 

The device is capable of identifying the noise levels, the level of light, air quality and room temperature to ensure the optimal sleep experience every night. Although it might seem complicated, actually itis very easy to use. It connects into your Smartphone, iOS or Android where it can play a wide variety of songs and even an alarm. Why not give your body the quality of sleep it deserves during this resting time?  

14. TV Buddy Caster. Watch anything and everything from your Smartphone to your TV

TV Buddy Caster is an inexpensive, portable device that allows you to watch any content from your smartphone or computer into your TV screen. It’s a small device connected to the TV using the HDMI socket. Pair it with your WiFi and voila, you can watch YouTube videos, and other streaming sites form your phone to your TV. 

Get the ultimate streaming experience without paying for another bulky gadget. This device will let you watch your favorite TV shows and movies using your phone on your TV screen. 

15. StopSnore. Eliminate loud snoring. 

StopSnore encourages good nasal breathing that results in eliminating loud snoring. Probably one of the things that we can be thankful for in this downtime is the chance for us to give our bodies the best sleep it deserves. We used to live so fast that it takes a toll on our bodies. However, a loud snore can spoil that nice quiet rest you are craving for. 

On the other hand, there is a simple invention that works wonders without taking any drugs. We all know that better sleep can improve your performance, health, mood and gives you more energy. StopSnore is equipped with magnets that gently apply pressure in the nose and widening the nostrils. This eases breathing by letting the air move easier and regularly which eliminates vibrations in the throat. 

16. Activ8 Fitness Tracker. Start your wellness journey safely and easily during the downtime. 

This gadget uses advance technology all incorporated into a wristband. It allows you to monitor your sleep, keep track of your exercise regimen, help you lose weight, which relates to get you to take control of your fitness. 

It comes with a heart rate monitor, it lets you answer calls and messages, it can serve as a sedentary reminded, and it lets you take control of the camera. However, the best benefits lie in what it does to your body. This small yet sophisticated device ensures you of optimum health. It can identify abnormalities in your body that are directly related to the pulse or blood pressure. 

17. DroneX Pro. Monitor what’s happening in your neighborhood without having to leave your home.

DroneX Pro is a foldable, extra-light drone that was designed for precision, easy handling and high-quality resolution videos. To date, it’s the most advanced model in the DroneX series. It was originally designed for functionality and portability so it’s perfect for adventure, exploration, and performance.

However, since you cannot go outside and be adventurous, you might want to familiarize yourself with this cool gadget to prepare for future adventures.

18. MassageHero. Eliminate muscle pain without popping a pill.

MassageHero is like your on-call masseuse. The best thing however is, you can avail of its service 24/7, anytime, anywhere. It offers immediate muscle pain relief, med-free. It reduces stress, lifts up your mood and brightens up your day. So, say goodbye to stress, pills and muscle pains and say Hello a happy day ahead of you.

19. SeedSheets. Create your own herb garden while you’re at home.

In case you didn’t know, gardening is one of the best ways to reverse the effects of stress and in turn give you a sense of happiness. So, how about a herb garden in the comfort of your own home?so, if you’re thinking of growing your own herbs, SeedSheet is the fastest, easiest way to do it. Now, you can have your own thriving non-GMO herb garden in a box.

20. Ion Shower Spa. The shower of the future.

This showerhead is designed to remove chemicals and bacteria in the water, promote healthy hair and skin, and relaxes your body. Get all these benefits in just 5 minutes of turning your shower into a home spa. The Ion Shower increases your shower’s water pressure by up to 200% but reduces wastage by almost 30%. That’s not all. It’s equipped with rich minerals for the best water purification possible.

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