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Don’t Bank Online Before Reading This!



 By Sophia Chambers | Smart Web User

Banking online is extremely convenient – gone are the days of having to visit a cashpoint to see what your balance is. But online banking is far more than just checking a balance, you can see every single one of your transactions, set up and manage direct debits, standing orders and even apply for new accounts. If you bank online, it’s likely won’t even need to even enter your local branch in your life. Unfortunately, as with every technological advance, banking online has it’s drawbacks: it is generally susceptible to hacking, but not in the way you might think…

The security measures taken by the bank themselves are some of the best in the world, their walls are near enough impenetrable! Hackers needed to get smart. In general, the only way you can enter an online banking account by submitting a username, password and giving random characters from your memorable information, so the hackers need a way of stealing this from you. The way this is done in most cases is by using keylogging software, which can record every key stroke you make whilst connected to the internet, recognizing when you connect to a banking site and sending what you type back to the hacker.

Very recently a piece of malware was discovered that affected Android phones and spread through the Google Adsense network (the biggest advertisement delivery network in the world). The “Svpeng trojan” downloads itself, then hides the application it has created on your phone. From then, the malware creates fake phishing browser windows of banking and social media sites, tricking users into supplying their details. Over 15 million websites use Google Adsense to monetize their content, including most of the biggest sites in the world like YouTube and MSN. Most people choose not to protect their smartphone, which can be a grave mistake (especially if you use an Android phone!)…

Protecting your smartphone from malware is just as important as keeping your laptop or home computer safe as the effects can be just as devastating. We recommend PCProtect to all of our readers as a solution to the problems caused by malware on all devices.

 With their security suite you can safeguard all of your devices (laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad, android phone and tablet) with just 1 subscription, which is great for keeping things safe and tidy. Thousands of people across the globe are all starting to use ScanGuard free analysis tool to make sure they stay protected. Right now this can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

To stay safe while banking online we highly recommend using PCProtect, which will sit silently on your computer or phone and alert you to any threats it detects.

Even if you have a brand new computer or don’t bank online, we would recommend you try ScanGuard to analyze your PC. Simply run a 30 second scan and see for yourself. You’ll be surprised just how many people have malware on their computers collecting their personal information leaving you at risk of fraud or identity theft.

Click here to download ScanGuardThey are offering a free version of the Antivirus software which for a limited amount of time includes free Speed Boost.

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