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This $19 Card Protects You And Your Family From Credit Card Theft. Here’s How…



What Is GuardCard™ And Why Do I Need It?

As technology becomes more advanced, so do cybercriminals. Nowadays, a thief simply needs to get close to your bag or wallet and — in a second — scans all your cards and personal information. That’s credit card number, expiration date, name, and more! So how can you keep yourself protected?

Simple, meet GuardCard™ – the special RFID blocking card that fits into any wallet or purse and prevents cyber thieves from stealing your information.

By using powerful RFID jamming technology, GuardCard™ acts as an impenetrable shield, safeguarding your information and keeping you and your family protected.

The Most Powerful RFID Blocker On The Market

Created by leading tech & security experts, the GuardCard™ is designed for maximum protection against all credit card skimmers and touchless pickpockets.

Using military-grade RFID jamming technology, the GuardCard™ ensures you and your family stay safe at all times. Even the most powerful card scanners can’t break through the impenetrable shield GuardCard™ instantly puts in your wallet.

What Makes GuardCard™ The Ideal Choice To Protect You And Your Family?

Military Grade RFID Blocking Technology

With technology becoming more advanced every day, so are digital hackers. GuardCard provides military level protection for you and your credit cards.


Credit card theft is EXPENSIVE. Not to mention the headache of dealing with banks and online shops to get your money back.

The GuardCard™ is a small investment that can save you thousands and give you peace of mind knowing your money is safe.


Compared to inferior alternatives like aluminum foil, GuardCard™ looks great and is something you can proudly carry in any situation.

No Setup Required: Place and Go

GuardCard™ requires no technical setup or installation to use. Simply place in your wallet or purse and you’re good to go.

Who Can Use The GuardCard™?

GuardCard™ was designed to easily fit in any wallet, purse, or cardholder. And since it requires no setup, anyone can use it.

That means no need to ditch your favorite handbag, briefcase, or money clip – GuardCard™ works with them all.

Over 120,000 Sold: Our Final Thoughts

Since launching earlier last year, GuardCard™ has become so popular that the company has already sold 120,000 units and is now on the verge of selling out.

With digital pickpocketing and cyber crime on the rise, an RFID blocking card like GuardCard is a must have for any credit card owner. Stop waiting for the worst to happen and protect you and your family today.

Where Can I Get GuardCard™?

GuardCard™ is ONLY available online and can’t be found in stores.

As of today, there is a limited-time promotion of 40% OFF for the next 250 buyers. Click the button below to check if they are still available.

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